Of the instrumental methods used electromyography, which can be used establish the extent of damage to the forearm muscles. Treatment tunnel syndrome in acute pain, severe inflammation and severe tunnel syndrome conducted medication. It includes an introduction to wrist area of corticosteroids (prednisone, dexamethasone), the application will improve blood circulation (vasoactive) drugs (trental, nicotinic acid), anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen). Against the background proper nutrition and adequate supply of all essential vitamins, trace elements and biologically active substances, treatment tunnel syndrome becomes more effective, recovery is accelerated and terms of rehabilitation and rehabilitation are reduced. In the absence of the effect of drug therapy tunnel syndrome occur indications for surgical treatment (open or endoscopic). Preventing tunnel syndrome to prevent tunnel syndrome should take care of the comfort of the workplace.

When you use the keyboard, the angle of bending your elbows should be straight (90 ). When you work with your mouse hand must be straight and lie on the table as far as possible from the edge. For even more analysis, hear from Mashable. Elbow at the same time must be on the table. Desirable to have special support for the wrist (mouse pad, special form of a keyboard or a computer desk with special silicone pads, etc.) The chair or a chair should have armrests. Exercises for prevention tunnel syndrome.

Interrupt work to perform a small set of exercises for the hands:

Shake hands. Squeeze your fingers into fists (about 10 times) Rotate fists around its axis. Push with one hand on the fingers of the other arms of the palm, as if twisting the wrist and palm outward. These exercises you improve blood circulation in muscles of the wrist and contribute to their extension, which is an important element in preventing tunnel syndrome. Yoga for preventing tunnel syndrome. In yoga, the most important exercise is wrist extension (Adduction). If you sit upright, his hands resting on chair arms palms down, then slowly raise his hand up, not taking his forearm on the armrest – it will adduction. Joint can perform the full volume of traffic is only in that case, if these movements are performed regularly. Unfortunately, the adduction is performed less often. That’s why there are problems that lead to the development tunnel syndrome. Many yoga asanas should be completely straighten the wrist. But do it always gradually. In order to carefully develop a “stale” radiocarpal joint and prevent the tunnel sindromasuschestvuet following exercise: join hands front of the chest, and slowly and gently lower them down toward your waist. Fingers while looking up. Do not let the base of the palm to disperse to the sides. Regular execution of this exercise for 2-3 minutes to help prevent tunnel syndrome. Nutrition for the prevention tunnel syndrome effectively impact on the joints has a proper diet. In addition, it is necessary to help the body get rid of bad substances become heated in the body and leading to a violation in the joints. Providing the body vital for joint health agents – one of the most important prevention mlmentov tunnel syndrome.