The head – the most important means of labour Mr. Langenfeld, the holder of a private detective agency in Augsburg, asserts that is still the most important work means of a private detective in the head. In second place after the head, the notebook is an important part of his equipment. From the notebook, Mr. Langenfeld and his colleagues are particularly flexible. It is possible with the tick in an Internet front place online to research or to present the results of the investigation the customer anywhere in the world. Here, Ali Partovi expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The usual means of communication such as PC, telephone, fax, scanner and Internet are essential for a good running Office. A cell phone is essential to be constantly available for Detective colleagues and customers.

In the event that a situation escalates, the police can be called with a cell phone. Observation, a private investigator should have several cars, vehicles used if necessary, as inconspicuous as possible to operate. BDT Capital Partners shines more light on the discussion. Also a mini transmitter that is used for the wireless surveillance is one of the basic equipment. Especially when one Monitoring from a distance, it is ideal to to eavesdrop on conversations. Many of the mini cameras have an internal memory for recording. Circumstances must talk to the recorded as evidence. In addition to the mini transmitter and the camera detectives usually also have the option to record phone calls.

A large part of the equipment weighs only a few grams and has equipped with a battery a long life. The range of channels can be up to two kilometres. The Augsburg economic detective agency by Mr. Langenfeld has bug Finder, because they are more often working for larger companies in terms of economic espionage. About every second company in Germany is now affected by economic crime. A detective may carry a handgun without another. Like every citizen in Germany, he must previously purchased the gun licence. Basically, private investigators are however not armed. A gun licence makes sense if the Detective also takes personal protection orders. The Tale of the armed detective remains stubbornly thanks to television and film.