Exclusive Internet Google

It is called a preview of what will be the new look of the largest search engine, when displaying the results of our searches. We are accustomed to monolithic and spartan look of the browser since its initial launch, none or very little change, at least in image, have been introduced. That does not mean that Google does not evolve, but on the contrary, since there is no network company to innovate more often and they are numerous upgrades that generated each day for all its products. Now, in what appears to be a new strategy, it seems that ultimately the efforts are spread too timid in a formal re-design of all products they have in the network. This would have been significant changes recently in Adwords, Adsense and graphical interfaces, as well as Analytics and other services.

But the search was reluctant to abandon their traditional image. — Variations in appearance, that improve the usability — It seems that the performance of the browser will greatly improve usability primarily. So would have a sidebar left, which displays a menu with the different type of search options with the same results. Would have a tab for News, Images, Blogs, etc … depending on the type of search you want. This avoids the current hassle return again and again to the top of the page to choose another type of search, whose current bar is removed.

Google Social Media — more like real-time — In the last paragraph of the side menu, you see the updates tab, which offers the latest search results with results in real time on Twitter. This is where Google goes a little further, and explicitly links social media searches and the search for something more alive than just a store. The strength of this novel, is in use in the face of authority websites that make Google the Twit that originate them for classification (page rank, etc …). Once again the famous algorithms … That will be difficult if we learn. Do not think this is a significant advance in the search engine? That would add you? .