In the case of those expenses paid in longer periods (if IBI) divide it so you can get the proportionate share each month. Surely his staff will be something like this: Monthly Gas Payment Concept Luz 40 35 20 Expenses Community IBI 100 55 Insurance Car Insurance House 25 50 Average Phone Supermarket Fuel 150 250 55 Car Maintenance Total 780 FOURTH STEP His spending In this case adjustable current added expenses that could remove it if necessary. Maybe your template displays something like this: Concept Periodic Monthly Payment Monthly Bar 10 50 Weekend Out Gifts 20 200 200 Movies Shopping clothes Internet 30 40 100 Other Outlays Total 650 Add the STEP FIVE total expenditure now proceed to sum the total expenditures as follows: Total Amount Concept "expensive debt" 650 670 Fee Mortgage unavoidable expenses adjusted spending 780 650 2,750 Total If exercise has performed well at this point as you can see , will ALL you pay each month, divided into four categories: expensive debt, expenses adjustable mortgage, unavoidable expenses SIXTH STEP 6 Calculate your total income Now add your total income. Own Income Amount Income Income Spouse 1,600 2,850 1,250 Total If your finances were healthy, would have to "on" every month about 30% of this amount. This amount may be different in "their" own numbers, but to follow the example that we have talked about 800 .