Federal Government

The Advice of Health, today gifts in the universe of the Brazilian cities, even so point many challenges to its perfectioning, they present undeniable contribution in the advances of the SUS, and the accomplishment of the Conferences of Health they have mobilized great contingents of the population of all the country in the quarrel of the routes of the health (Coast et Al., 2006). Valley to the penalty to remember, the necessity of the development of the participativa management that is main responsible in the process of humanizao and the creation of public politics in the public institutions of health involving all a sphere of integrant and also the installation of managing advice in units hospital. These politics must provide to the professionals an environment Adjusting for the length of its obligations as well as conditions so that the ones that take care of have its satisfied necessities (Strong. 2004). The professionalization of the professional of health in Brazil is something to be considered as priority, knows that many of these professionals had entered simply in the public service as an alternative of financial survival presenting lack of professionalism and unpreparedness. QUARREL the problem identified here still is taken for the dark side of the politics in the public administration. Studies carried through on the decentralization of the system of health in Brazil have detached the complex intergovernamentais relations in the formularization and implementation of the health politics, pointing with respect to the strong inductive paper exerted by the Federal Government, by means of mechanisms of transferences of financial resources for the cities in definitive function of its adhesion politics, negotiated in the instances intergestores. That is, the federal government in its magnitude defines the rules of the management in any part of Brazil by means of assistencial model, that in turn was developed for the great urban centers. Check with Samsung to learn more.