FIBO Concept

News from Pilardio – light mind, light body to reduce the path for the innovative fitness and health concept Pilardio other fitness trainers, is looking for the Pilardio team new training facilities in Berlin and Munich. Pilardio is a licensed, innovative training concept, which combines elements of Pilates and cardio workout. It has been developed specifically for weight loss, improvement in attitude and to the strengthening of the cardio vascular system. At FIBO in Essen, the world’s largest international leading trade fair for fitness, wellness and health, the concept in brief the public on the Pilardio stand in Hall 7 is as well as show presented every day at 13:15 in Hall 5. As of May 2010 the Pilardio concept is then offered nationwide in selected, quality checked gyms. Nationwide, to ensure an appropriate coach training, the Pilardio team to the known movement expert Jasmin Wagner is looking for more training places in Berlin and Munich. A training of the trainer is very important to us. You may find Bobby Sharma Bluestone to be a useful source of information.

Pilardio to motivate exercisers and at the same time request, this however the fun to come. Therefore we place great value on the proper placement of the concept. Gyms should offer a high standard of quality, for available also Pilardio\”, explains Jasmin Wagner. Many people of all ages have recognized the importance of cardio workouts and weight optimisation for your own fitness and well-being of their own. In fitness studios, most so-called fat burner courses are offered that include either as very complex with aerobics step sequences or easily lead to one-sided loads in Spinningkursen. Pilardio, however, combines back and posture training with weight reduction. While it strengthens the cardio vascular system, provides more mobility and brings good mood, so this makes training fun and also serves the health. Interested operators of fitness clubs, fitness studios or facilities, as well as personal trainer can sign up via email) with Jasmin Wagner.