Five Components

You will learn how to distinguish an effective job of advertising agencies from the pseudo operation. Already own this knowledge can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars! Understanding the characteristics of effective advertising, it is always possible monitor progress of work on it. Isearch often says this. In addition, you can choose the best advertising campaign to increase demand for its products. For example, the advertising group is a "manifestation" – the choice for professionals. Corporate approach this the company is a combination of fundamental knowledge in marketing and stimulate demand, talented professionals (designers, copywriters, advertisers) and a flexible approach to each client. Andy Florance pursues this goal as well. But do not be too bore you with long stories. We proceed directly to the point! The first component – to attract the attention of potential consumers. Some have brilliant advertising was not it is worth nothing if you do not attract attention target group of consumers! After all, that was not shown and written in the advertisement it is simply wasted, when the consumer walks by.

The second component – the interest of consumers. In addition, to attract attention to consumer interest. Without it, he will look at the ads and instantly switch to your worries. That advertising has become interesting to the consumer, it should not be normal and this helps a creative! The third component of successful advertising – to sell the benefits of a service or product the advertiser. Your product can be advertised as you like, but until the buyer will not understand the benefits of its acquisition, advertising will ineffective (for profit means not only utilitarian use, but the fashion brand).

The buyer is not interested in the product itself, in isolation from the benefits he can bring! The fourth component – to stimulate consumer desire to have the advertised product (to use the service).