For WM-units have traditionally been considered the defining corporate functions (e-mail, edit office documents, Web-browsing, etc.), though nothing prevents you from using them quite serious opportunities for entertainment (watching videos, games). Manufacturers typically rely on an extended model of user interaction by setting such a great communicator screens (2.8 "and above) and the QWERTY-keyboard whereas in this category to meet the usual number pad for dialing difficult. On the performance of these devices (size, weight, autonomy) influence on the one hand, the desire to equip them maximum, and with another – the need for a powerful enough processor to cope with resource-intensive operating system. Note that the already announced an enhanced version of Windows Mobile 6.5, has a number of interesting innovations, which intended to provide a competitive advantage in the fight against rookie Android from Google. But some devices described above: ASUS P535 This piece differs decent functionality (Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, Wi-Fi, GPS, camera 2 megapixel with autofocus) and good performance (520 MHz XScale processor, 256MB Flash ROM). Integrated GPS-SiRF Star III chip provides excellent sensitivity – an important quality in an urban navigation. In addition, the ASUS P535 are cheaper competitors that gives us the right to recommend it As a best buy. ASUS P565 communicator with a record performance in its class able to cope well with a wide range of tasks from viewing high-definition video and ending with holding intensive calculations.

In addition, he has the support networks of 3G, GPS and a full set of wireless interfaces for data transfer. HTC Touch Select this compact and stylish model will be able to almost completely rid you of need to use the stylus to control the mobile terminal. The implementation of this approach is worthy of respect and the best recommendation for demanding users to ergonomics. And for fans note the presence of beauty in selling as much as three colors: black, green and white.