From Mobile Phone Bugged

Your Cell phone use can be bugged. Many unsuspecting mobile phone users had not even considered the possibility, but apparently it is possible to make software for investigators and experts easily from one phone into a bug. After the Mirror had reported already about the possibility to use a phone as a bug, says image of eavesdropping attack. But what’s behind it – how is it possible to re-purpose a mobile phone unnoticed bug? First, by a special software to install on the phone. This software “Flexispy is installed by inserting a memory card into the phone. It must reach the cell phone only briefly in the hands of the spy.

The installation of the Bluetooth wireless standard to be possible. The program costs about 100 , the application is punishable by imprisonment and can be up to three years or a fine of. But what is the punishment of individuals, is applied by the judiciary to combat crime. In this program the phone to the police about it unnoticed by the actual owner as Bug can be used. It makes no difference whether it is a contract – or a prepaid phone. In general, all cell phones for this approach are relatively fragile and unprotected. Although the manufacturers assert time and again that it is not technically feasible or would the user know about it, but the practice proves otherwise. A general uncertainty could lead to the booming mobile phone market in financial losses.

According to a report to run several levels of inquiry, for which this technique is used. In America, this method is even a mafia boss were to be brought down. Although he had always taken in places that were previously tested for their safety were – but he always had his cell phone and was able to be transferred unnoticed. The user remembers nothing of it. Even if he turns off the phone, it can be manipulated so that while the display goes off. About the exact methods the investigators be aware, however, nothing. There are only two secure methods against the ‘Great Eavesdropping attack to defend. ” You can either take the battery from the phone or buy a Jammer, which may be banned.