Front Panel

The Okna keyboard key confirms the creation of the new layer of adjustment of colors pressuring window pop-up. In the window of rocking of colors it tries with sliding trscontroles until obtaining the desired standard of color. Agoraconfirme the color change clicando in the Ok keyboard key or cancels the alterations with a click in Cancel.Note> K Shift+K uses the shortcut to alternate between these two tools. All the necessary slices already are inserted in archive PSD dostempaltes Express Layout. You only need to edit them with ferramentSelect Slice.Antes to bring up to date the images with the File/Save command you will be Web, you you must certify yourself that the slices that modified not overlap aoutros slices. For example, the slice of deep (background) can lesser conterslices destined to the images of buttons. Before saving esteslice, you it must bring it for the top.

For this you must select oslice with the Tool Select Slice. After that he goes to the panel of opeslocalizado in the top of the screen. If he will not be possible to visualize this panel, selects Window/Options in the superior menu. To the left of the panel four buttons of ordinance of the slices exist: Bring you the Front, Bring Forward, Send Backward e> Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S. The Save window Will be Web will go to appear. In this window the otimizaes of the images will be made that seroexportadas. More information is housed here: Pete Cashmore. In the truth ours designers already the best relation had optimized imagenspara so great quality/of the archive.

But if you desejarque its faster web site carregue, can diminish the quality dasimagens, reducing with this the size of same and conseqentetempo of download. He selects with the tool Select Sliceo corresponding slice to the image that he desires to optimize. In the right side dajanela Save Will be Web exists a panel with the image options. You will be able to modify the values of the box of quality election> Shift slicecom a double click in the same. The name and the format of image must be osmesmos of the HTML.Agora archive are hour to verify the modifications that had been made. Folder HTML of template sails ata and opens the archive to visualize the alterations.