A basic ingredient when making a good strategic planning in the market is the use Geomarketing. So in this consulting, the consultant recognized franchise and Arvato Services, a global company providing relationship marketing services, organize the next few days in Madrid January 28 and February 4 in Barcelona the seminar “Geomarketing, Decision Support Franchise “in order to show a large audience, the need to implement such tactics in the franchise. Mariano Alonso explains, Managing Partner and Founder of mundoFranquicia consulting, “the Geomarketing is an essential tool for any franchise as it offers the opportunity to make a strategy that we establish a correlation between place of residence of the consumer, their behavior consumption and market conduct, which gives franchisees a more accurate allocation of resources and thus increases the ability to target them more effectively. ” The seminar, in both locations will be led by Enrique Barrera, Head of Business Intelligence Solutions Arvato services, will provide a much needed ingredient: freshness. “On both days will be provided very fresh ideas with entrepreneurs who may establish a line about which strategies are the locations that bring greater benefits and business opportunities.” This being so attendees can learn in depth the system Geostat Arvato web services product that provides mapping resources, population statistics, businesses or points of attraction generators, types of behavioral or geographical area, definition and manipulation areas of influence.

“This tool is used to store locations of competitors, customers … and to get detailed statistics, information on catchment areas, various reports, the number of pedestrians in the area, analysis of distance between client and office, etc., “concludes Barber. The company is expert in providing consulting services to franchisers at any stage of the process: planning and definition, development, adaptation and improvement. It operates a system called expansion Openings Management Consulting, which based the growth of the chain in providing consulting services particularized in each integration operation of a new franchisee, considering all the steps necessary for the opening of the new business unit and, ultimately, directly addressing franchising roles in building the network.