German Hospitality

Through close cooperation, energy consumption should be reduced further Berlin/Rosrath. Always, the climate-hotels show engaged in sustainability and environmental technology to the highest degree. Positive was recorded there, that the creation of a national energy efficiency network is possible within the framework of the DEHOGA energy campaign hospitality. So the decision, the DEHOGA was energy efficiency network the Viabono air hotels”and thus the first German hotel certification-energy efficiency network at all to set up, fast cool: combining our experience and skills contributes to further reduce of our energy consumption and cost considerably in. Together we can achieve much faster our goals than every man for himself alone.

That we assisted by experts, provides additional chance.”it brings Thomas long Juan of the air-hotel Gutshof Ziegelhutte (Edenkoben) on the point. Georg Raafat, project manager of the DEHOGA energy campaign hospitality, is delighted: the participants of the “DEHOGA energy efficiency network the Viabono air hotels” have a role model for the hospitality industry in terms of energy efficiency and climate protection. It therefore especially glad that they have laid out the communication of successful measures in its network objectives and also to closely cooperate with the DEHOGA hospitality energy campaign. “” So can the entire hospitality industry from the valuable experience which this highly dedicated Lighthouse holdings “have already collected and still collect that benefit.” About climate Hotels: Climate hotels are Viabono certified hosts, their CO? emissions ecologically and economically optimized. The hotels have their CO? footprint determined and compensate for the unavoidable rest of CO? emissions through certified projects. The climate-hotels are committed to the task, to offer their guests a climate-friendly stay, without having them sacrificing quality and convenience. You act in all areas of the hotel industry and gastronomy with high environmental awareness. It is the Climate hotels important to spread awareness of climate nationwide, to promote and to promote climate protection.