Google Cambiara

If, surprising. The Robot of Google this becoming human, because aside from which it reads better than a human being, looks for better and but fast than a human being and will interpret the context of the orations that you use to write up your articles, now relates your key words to your connections. It sounds very preposterous the idea that a robot prevents you to make money by Internet and can do this but you do not act fast you will lose the battle in your respective market and your page no longer will be I number one but number ten at least. Usually we found many publishers Web who have the custom to present/display their articles with a connection from return to their site. In this way they manage to guarantee the top of the ranking of its site with hundreds from connections to its site, done known by the experts like Bombardeo Google. Now with the new technology that google this on the verge of implementing, the publishers Web will have to think seriously about reframing their strategy and considering the amount, the quality and the diversity of the connections of such form that, for example, no longer only is sufficient with sending to your readers to the index of your page but one becomes a factor fundamental to construct so many connections are possible on your articles and generally of the content of your Web site.

But it holds a little while! Not any class of connections from return to your site. Now the connections you must contextualise considering them your key words and their possible variations (it enters more variations, better). In this way, if your site speaks about automobiles of races you will have to use in your connections other key words derived from these such as quick automobiles automatic automobiles of races or excellent bolides. The connections related to the content will be the favourites by the robot of google and once again google puts to us a piedrita in the shoe so that we make the money by Internet well and generate content of versatile quality and. Original author and source of the article.