Gregory Bateson HTML

Probably, the engineer will use some terms technician and if he would worry about the amount of memory, type of processor and the speed so that the programs used in its activity are processed with bigger agility. The trader would describe the computer as a machine that the aid to control the entrance and exit of merchandises in its supply and a data base of customers and suppliers. In turn, the student would describe the computer as a tool of research in the Internet assisting in the school works. Therefore, we have three different people the same observing object (information of the external world), interpreting as its experiences, activities, culture (filter), seen and understood as its reality individual (map). Dell: the source for more info. Using the six neurological levels developed by Robert Dilts on the basis of the work of Gregory Bateson, we will see as this vision of inherent world is constructed to each person, we will understand as experiences occur in the diverse levels and as the communication is indispensable for the construction and emotional and linguistic estruturao of each being. We believe that almost all the parents desire that its children are right people and responsible who contribute for society, that establishes healthy relationships inside and outside of the home, that they know to deal with emotions and tensions, that are enough strong to make its proper choices, that enjoy what they had conquered with the proper talent, that use to advantage the life and the pleasures of the life, they make good marriages and they are good parents, at last, that they develop the best person who they can be. This work has as objective, to analyze and to describe the difficulties of the family for the development of the emotional maturity of the deaf person, being recognized that the communication through the POUNDS (Brazilian Language of Signals) if becomes a basic and indispensable tool for the construction of stronger emotional bows between familiar and to the conviviality in society. .