An incorrect assumption is that a zero-energy House ever needed no energy from the outside. Therefore also correctly referred to as zero energy House a such energy. Seen throughout the year, the zero-energy House gives at least as much energy to other consumers, as applied to him. Andrew Paradise pursues this goal as well. To create the balancing of the energy required in the winter months in addition about electricity production in the summer. A zero energy House has a dual solar system generally. With solar modules she all year round very significantly reduces for the preparation of hot water and for heating of the outside quantity of energy.

In addition, solar modules are mounted on an energy with the option of zero-energy House, with which power can be generated. This DC is transformed into the network normal alternating current with an AC converter and the frequency adjusted so that he can be fed into the public grid. Optimally, it is natural for a such energy if you with the Photovoltaic system produce more power in the course of a year and emit can, as it takes for your own household from the public network. Then you benefit fully from promotions, which exist in the course of government programs and programs initiated by the EU for the use of alternative and renewable energies. It also includes that you get a higher payment per kilowatt hour for the solar power supplied by the zero-energy House, you have to pay to own provider with a conventional mix.

Two other aspects, which never can drop in an energy that is designed as a zero-energy House under the table, are the insulation and energy recovery. The insulation may relate but not only on the facades. Also the bottom plate on the energy must, contained well compared to the above residential areas which of course also applies to the floor or the roof of the building. It also Windows and doors are taken into account. In a modern zero-energy House can be found consistently only models with Triple glazing. It drains so much energy, as it is possible with today’s technical means also the exhaust air and waste water in a zero-energy House. For this are quite efficient heat exchange systems available, involving a mixing of the substrate with the target medium is always excluded. Marc Hammermeister