Hewlett Packard

Models by Hewlett Packard to 300 Euro color laser printers provide a significantly better printing quality than inkjet printers. The prints can not blur, as is the case with ink-jet printers. Already, laser printers are reserved not only professionals, because they are now available at reasonable prices and can be used in the Home Office and in private households. So the following models by Hewlett Packard. The HP LaserJet Pro M251n is suitable for beginners and has a simple equipment. A Wi-Fi connection is not available, but the printer has a LAN and a USB port so you can connect it to the PC. The paper tray contains 150 sheets.

Within a minute, the device can print 14 pages. The price is applied by the manufacturer with 209 euro, but you can buy the model for much less money on the Internet. The cost of toner cartridges are an important aspect of the purchase of a laser printer. You need with a price of 84 euro for one Expect original cartridge allows you to print approximately 1,800 pages. Much cheaper they come however if you newly filled buy rebuilt cartridges with the same fertility. For 40 euros per piece, you can buy such cartridges for the M251n.

Provides more facilities: HP LaserJet Pro 300 M351a which provides HP printer HP LaserJet Pro 300 M351a a more extensive facilities than the smaller model, but has also he doesn’t have a Wi-Fi connection. While the manufacturer specifies the price for the base model with 289 euros and you can order this model online much cheaper, so get a printer with a built-in Wi-Fi connection for some extra money. Of course, you can purchase the optional print server, but the price is not significantly lower than for a printer with a wireless interface. The paper tray of the HP LaserJet Pro can take 250 sheets 300 M351a, but you can optionally double this capacity. The paper feed can take additional 50 sheets, so what maximum 550 sheets is a good value. The printing speed is the text printed at 18 pages per minute, in printing, there are 13 pages per minute. Approximately seven minutes it takes to showcase PDF document is finished here, other models in this price class print faster. An advantage is the paper weight, which must not be for this printer up to 220 grams per square meter in the duplex printing 160 grams per square meter. For an original black toner cartridge the price with the HP LaserJet Pro is 300 M351a about 115 euros to print 4,000 pages. With a color cartridge, which costs 133 euro already, there are 2,600 pages. Even with toner fill but empty cartridges and save money or buy rebuilt toner cartridges but the price for the black cartridge is approx. 50 euro, while you pay approximately 60 euros for a color cartridge. You save not only money, but also the environment, because it significantly less plastic waste must be disposed. The cartridges have been refilled, wearing parts have been replaced.