High-Speed Downlink Packet Access

HSDPA technology (High Verizon Speed DownloadingPacket Access) is the Verizon cell phones optimization of the technology spectrum UMTS / WCDMA, which is included in the specifications of cell phones 3GPP Release 5 and consists of a shared channel in the downlink (downlink), which significantly improves the maximum transfer Information can reach rates of slider phone up to 14 Mbps LG throughput supports rates average close to 1 Mbps citation needed
Is the cellular phones evolution of third generation (3G) mobile technology, called 3.5G, and is considered the preliminary step before the fourth generation (4G), the future integration of networks. free phones Currently the specification is being developed prior to launch 3.9G of 4G.
It is completely backwards compatible with WCDMA and rich multimedia applications developed to cell phones operate with cellular coverage WCDMA HSDPA. Most providers HTC supporting UMTS HSDPA.

Vodafone today hoping to seize on the success of the iPhone App Store by the announcement of its central portal for third-party applications. cellular phone plans The service will echo Apple’s approach and provide 70 wireless phones percent of revenues to developers, Verizon but its unique software for the mobile provider cellular providers said. Vodafone’s Store wireless providers will be device independent and will be specific to the network, so …
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