History Of Ben Warwick

Completing the cycle of notes on the situations of luck famous investor, I would have tried to tell about this man, as Ben Uorovik. Ben Warwick first became acquainted with the economic markets in the period of study at university. He began to show interest in research, “suddenly declared profitability” in the stock market, koie were in the 70’s. Warwick said that “figures released by the stock returns is much greater than anticipated, the trend is for promotions has lasted for 60 days … still some fund managers are trading based on the abrupt announcement returns. I took this idea and see whether it is possible to apply the same to the Futures markets. Warwick came up with his personal method of trading – the “event-trading”. Last 6 years, he hunted this improvement method, and a little later published a book under the same name.

Unlike almost all other traders who relied on either technique, or benchmarks to develop its own strategy, Warwick paid special attention to the market reaction to the news. According to Ben Uorovika, “event-trading” is considered nonlinear, it is not tracking the trend. It only fixes the rate at any way the market responds to information. I watch how the market responds to news. ” As an example of event-driven trading is an opportunity to speak publishing monthly data on how many of the employed population and their effect on the bond market. Ben Uorovik talking about it all the same: “When the market will rally after the statistics, but by the end of the day the market closes in the upper 20% this range, then I will consider it as a buy signal.

” Actual role that would take it, is the estimated value: “to enter the market immediately afterwards in the publication of figures – this game is 50 to 50 … Do you have opportunity to get a bearish reaction to the statistics, koiya you think may be a bull, and so receive the signal for resale. I pay attention to how the market reacts to similar information. ” A sell signal Urovik considered “bullish” in its report on the basis of employment, koy tosses value in one day, after which the calculation occurs in the lower 20% range. It should be noted that Warwick has developed its own method of whole system in which all tried to systematize the maximum and negate the actions of impressions. In addition, I want to say about the fact that Warwick is not keen on trade within the day. His deal lasts approximately 1 to 5 days. As a result of investigations conducted by Warwick, to understand more effective and credible message types for specific markets that are used in the event-trading. The secret of success futures trader Warwick formulated as: “following in the footsteps skorpulezno perform economic mission, following in the footsteps keep statistics and have no doubt that the marked inefficiency of the market … to constantly boil the money needed to be ahead, and still find acceptance determining market inefficiencies, where you can earn money – these are the moments.