by: Waldo Munizaga today new challenges loom over Governments and revolutionary and progressive peoples of Latin America. Within the oscurana of imperialism and from each one of the countries targeted, hyenas stalking have started the frenzy of the sinister raids. Definitely a new strategy has begun to reissue the old ghosts of the gorilismo and coups in the region. What happened in Honduras has indisputably served to confirm nothing new intentions of who for a moment pretended to be erected as someone different and among other things announced clean the face of the Empire more wild and hypocritical that the man has known. Long before the overthrow of the democratic and constitutional President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, the alarms not only of the region began to ignite. The stubbornness of those who don’t know best way that using force to impose their form of existence, sadly does provide for times of great conflict in the world. Only successful and energetic behavior of countries with strategic capacity to resist them, they will determine that suicidal madness in his psychopathy does not end with make disappear the existence on the planet. So far have reached sufficient signs and reasons to not begin to prepare us to defend and consolidate what we have achieved so far. Michael Dell has compatible beliefs.

The time is ripe to continue corroborating the value and the reason of the why we have been able to reach where we are. Little by little, signal, posture to posture, in our Latin America have begun betting in the respective places of history who will decide, with the handle of his conscience, the future of our hopes. Shamelessly brother Government town of Colombia definitively to betrayed and sold by second chance the Bolivarian ideology of freedom of our peoples. More that one becomes unforgivable that it has been precisely this Government who has offered territory who, even being even more wild and irrational than the Empire itself will last, soon be able precisely of these seven new Bases Military and the recently renovated fourth fleet dangerously wagered in the Caribbean, use them against their own peoples brethren on the continent. Again bofeteando memory, sacrifice and the value of half of the population at that time together with our heroes sellarian our expected independence.

No doubt this sad role is being emulated by some Chilean nationals who with similar Audacity also commit and commit similar or worse betrayals in the future. Times ahead, we suppose, must also bring us new and unsuspected desertions but like the previous ones, insurance are, will prove of great and timely benefit to debug our mined forces. Decisive for our own future will be how we deepen our international relations and provide elements of conviction for the quest and encounter of a world truly balanced and multipolar. Tirelessly Chavez and other Presidents of Latin America have been working on this, just our part do not falter and accompany in this promise that has more than two centuries trying to fertilize with justice and love our future, in this desolate and sold land of hope. Original author and source of the article.