How To Clean A Laptop

We answer your questions such as! 'Why is basking laptop how to clean a laptop, why a hot laptop, why turn off the laptop' ANSWER: The notebook runs cooler because 1 – radiator clogged with dust 2 – moving away from the cpu heatsink 3 – old thermal paste needs to be replaced by a new and so what if you heated laptop It is necessary to clean it from dust and apply new grease KP-8. Consider the options and show clearly in the photographs damage from dust and notebooks computers. To analyze the early laptop, but before it shut off the charger and akkumulyator.Daby exclude the possibility of closure. After disabling all feeding elements unscrew the screws on the back cover. Remove it.

Now we have a motherboard, processor, memory and other parts .Navedite to enlarge. Videochipset you see in this picture is a little lower. Turn off all the valves that keep the radiator. Hover to enlarge. Now unscrew at the place where the chipsets. Since we have a radiator for the entire cooling system. Now that would reach the remaining dust off the fan with the heatsink. Hover for Remove the larger fan and clean it with a brush or cloth without water.

Look at the radiator and there we will see a layer of dust. It is necessary to remove it from there. I'll do it with a screwdriver and a brush. That's it! Now you understand that going on in your laptop or computer Should be cleaned at least once a year. Now, to answer the last question! 'Can a computer to stall, fail if it runs cooler'-Yes! My friends might even like. Once you clean your computer Laptop at once its speed will increase.