How To Effectively Warm A House

Building a house and settled on choosing insulation? This question is not only comfort but also the integrity of the family budget. After all, when starting the fire or turn on the boiler, we want to heat their own premises, rather than the street. Thermal resistance at home determines its ability to retain heat. However, when choosing insulation should pay attention not only to measure a sample of the material, but also to evaluate the thermal resistance of the entire house. To do correct choice of insulation, let's understand why the house loses heat? More than 30% loss of warm air going through the walls and roof, when through the cracks in the joints and fixing points heaters heat 'runs away' from home.

The heated air from heating devices, lifting up, creates a strong pressure on the walls, roof and windows. As if from the inflated ball through the smallest gap is pulled out, after which the house gets cold air, heat which has again and again. Due to poor insulation of the house heat loss occurs through the infrared radiation and convection. These processes can be observed in winter, using night-vision device that distinguishes between thermal radiation. Our homes are just a red glow, showing the helplessness keep heat indoors. Read additional details here: Michele Glaze. Leakage of heat from the premises caused by the imperfection of our technologies obsolete heaters.

Gradual soaking in the operation, deformation, collapse and availability of food for rodents become causes a complete loss of such materials their insulating properties. This leads to a sharp decrease in the total thermal resistance of homes and large heating bills. Using conventional insulation, you will also encounter a problem of the human factor. When, because of the need to seal the seams, laying special protective films and sealing up cracks the process of warming the house becomes a permanent "custody" of the builders to get their diligent work. Disadvantages of traditional materials were taken into account when creating insulation technology of new generation Aysinin (Icynene ). The first significant difference Aysinin technology is a way of drawing materials – spray directly onto the design of special equipment. As a result, sealed all the joints and cracks in structural elements which form a continuous thermal barrier that completely stops the movement of cold air from outside into the room at home. The second advantage Aysinin there are economic benefits – the use of the material reduces the consumption of gas and heating costs by more than 70%. Technology investor is often quoted as being for or against this. Aysinin technology provides maximum thermal resistance of the building, does not depend on the difference temperature and humidity. Third, do not need any of the films. This is the first system in the world warming, which is the insulation, vapor barrier, waterproofing and antikondensat in one material. Aysinin does not require special surface preparation and can be used for thermal insulation of building structures – roofs, walls, floors, basement. In addition to technical and economic advantages of warming Aysinin has another a unique feature – a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Such can not offer any producer of traditional insulation materials. With the system Aysinin your home will save not only warm, but the money it owner. The time is right to take care of warming once and for all