IAA Temperature

The new series of wireless sensor Dreyer + Timm GmbH with a battery life of 10 years, offers a wide variety of new applications. Is something which has been lacking so far, and therefore interest will be to be able to implement an automatic mapping of tractors and trailers, very easy and inexpensive, is Hans-Hermann Ruschmeyer, Managing Director at Dreyer + Timm, sure. Installation is carried out as follows: with two screws Identsensor, screw the radio – tractor, tractor in the portal scomview log on and is already in just a few minutes from a trailer – a tractor trailer telematics. This poses new opportunities for fleet management and theft protection. Dispatchers in the day-to-day business have an overview of their full trailers, without having to involve the driver, now at any time automatically. That means alarm not known tractors for theft protection. Temperature detection and recording the Dreyer + Timm wireless temperature sensors can any number in semitrailers be accommodated and cover hence the need of three Chamber semitrailers with six or more temperature measuring points off. The radio temperature sensors will soon be certified as temperature recorders EN12830 standard according to the manufacturer.

When existing temperature recorders temperature data of the most popular products directly from the trailer telematics are scombox read and in the Internet portal scomview open as hydrographs to display. Issued shall be evaluated by the set-point temperature recorders and more status information of the refrigerating units, these are also transferred and scomview displayed in the portal. Door status at a glance with cooling and Pharmatransporten, it is important to grasp the door status. The analysis of transportation clearly gaining value through temperature readings with position data, and in addition the status information of the door. It has never been so easy and inexpensive subsequently with door sensors to equip on trailer doors, eliminating at the wireless door sensors any cabling effort, so.

Extensive basic version of coupling information delivery and a theft protection, to keep even saddled up trailer over 6 months in the eye are provided scomboxen as standard in addition to the position determination of the Dreyer + Timm. The scombox is compact, waterproof, and has proven itself in a variety of industries. She can be used even in vibratory plates on construction sites. If you want more can read scombox important information about the interface of the electronic brake system (EBS) with the trailer telematics. Data on axle load, maintenance and wear messages are placed alongside position and tracking data in the Internet portal to display clearly. We can respond now super flexible all-in-one solution from a single source with our new wireless sensors in conjunction with scombox almost all customer requirements around the trailer. knows the diversity of the industry, and the needs are different. Dreyer + Timm has almost 10 years experience in the development of telematics that what in this pretty young industry a very long time is time. Because the entire hardware and software comes from our home, they are perfectly matched. This is a great advantage of our telematics family MyTrailer says. We put a lot of time and effort our technique in the development, aiming, in particular when retrofitting, as simple as possible to make it for our customers. If you want, can our technology test free of charge, so finally who rejoices 2012 already on many interesting conversations at the IAA commercial vehicles.