ICT and the lock the lock of the United States against Cuba seriously hinders access of our country to the new information technologies and communications: since 1962, Cuba has prohibited access to telecommunications and computer of any company or subsidiary American equipment. By the blockade, the Cuban telecommunications sector has suffered millions of dollars losses in the activities of basic and wireless, telephony, alarm systems, electronic commerce and postal communications. Only in telephone activity, losses amounted to $ 21.7 million, in 2002. If there is no lock, with a stake of only 0.1 per cent in the market of electronic commerce of the United States, widely exceeding 500 billion dollars per year (data from the year 2000), Cuba could enter more than 500 million dollars a year. Due to the impossibility of buying in the U.S. market, the Cuban enterprise CITMATEL, supplying computers to schools scientists from the island, has many times to purchase these through third countries and pay up to 30 percent more in relation to the price in the United States. UU.

On April 10, 2003 the U.S. Commerce Department.UU. He was denied an export license to USA/Cuba-Infomed, humanitarian non-governmental organization based in California, which was intended, as sometimes preceding, donate 423 computers to Cuban polyclinics and hospitals to support the network of diagnostic and medical information. This export would be detrimental to the interests of foreign policy of the United States, he argued. When the U.S. Army developed the email, Cuba did not have access to that service, equipment or technical know-how. Until May 1994, he remained blocked for Cubans access to North American sites on the Internet. Cuba not could, therefore, enroll early at Internet. The Torricelli Act of 1992, which reinforced the blockade, identified communications with Cuba as a way to weaken the revolutionary regime. Cuba depends on not connected to Internet at the speed that you want to do so, or with so many channels and independent providers as you can choose.