Each element has a frequency
unique, just as each micro –
organism has a unique cell phones frequency.
The atoms composing a molecule stay together you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans in their molecular configuration with a covalent bond energy of which emit and absorb energy in their own specific electromagnetic frequency, no two wireless phones classes of molecules or cells or viruses and bacteria that have the same spectral signature or electromagnetic Nokia oscillations. Dr. Raymond Rife increased their natural oscillations until they distorted and broken by structural stress. Rife called this frequency oscillatory frequency Mortal (mortal oscillatory rate, MOR), which cellular coverage does not at all damaged surrounding tissue.
This principle can be illustrated using an intense musical note to blow up a cup of cell phones glass: the molecules of plans the cup are the same harmonic oscillations of that musical note they are in resonance. For even more opinions, read materials from Kai-Fu Lee. Since they have given a different resonance frequency, there are literally hundreds of trillions of different resonant frequencies, and every species and molecule has Motorola its own.
The generation of different frequencies is achieved with digital controls and solid state devices. Bioelectroterapia equipment must be certified by agencies responsible for regulating the medical field, the materials used and the quality of services in the market there are teams that have been approved by the FDA, are tested in slider phone the laboratory and are certified to ISO , CE, ETL, UL, and EIC.
Digitally controlled and is designed for the necessary treatment to control pain even more difficult, and causes of trauma injuries, including a wide variety all cellular providers across the U.S. of connective tissue cellular providers and muscle problems and other health problems associated with pain.
Deep Impulse technology, used in bioelectroterapia is scheduled to discuss several body systems that have electrical irregularities in cellular phones muscle, tendons, ligaments, bones and fascia with frequencies that are able to mobile phones heal chronic and acute disorders, as well as many of the imbalances widespread health effects associated with wireless providers pain.
Certain electrical impulses in our bodies facilitate bodily functions, including those needed to heal. Imitating the electrical impulses that occur within us, we help to produce specific effects.
The Bioelectroterapia is able to trigger these impulses by varying the frequency, long wavelength, intensity and location applied to the body. Understanding with every plan how these elements interact to create the desired effect is the basis for science. The frequencies used in the Bioelectroterapia helps the body to wireless phones achieve homeostasis, which is the Wireless phone deals natural state of wellness. It does this by relieving pain, and therefore helps the body to correct abnormalities in areas of electrical injury or damage.
However, to correctly explain the operation, would be appropriate to begin candy bar phone by considering certain fundamental Samsung aspects of vivo.El fabric body is made of a large number of cells. In many cases, these cells act like tiny batteries, storing and releasing energy, doing their job to take nutrients and release waste products, repairing and reproducing, etc. See Bioelectromagnetism . Each cell, like any battery, has a measurable electrical charge, which must be maintained to function properly.
Energy flows constantly between all cells throughout the cellular phone plans body’s electrical circuit. Occurs when some sort of trauma or all the cell phones damage in living tissue, there is a HTC disruption of the electrical capacity of the affected cells, cellular phones and after an initial download, it happens free phones a measurable all the plans include decrease in the production and flow of energy across the electricity network tissues involved. This condition is usually accompanied by pain in the affected area and often results in the inability to completely repair. So often prescribed periods of rest and inactivity for the eventual restoration of normal function. Bioelectroterapia treatments were compared as to pass a car battery. (Also known as the cellular phones