Improve Productivity

In many companies the purchase of computer equipment is made thinking in a multipurpose that occasionally comes short of performance team when they are new. Types of network topologies and devices with Windows XP, and 256 MB of RAM are common in many companies. This, in my opinion, is a mistake. Companies must look for computer equipment to improve productivity. He is not overbuild teams, investing in issues that will not be used as powerful graphics cards or hard drives for great capacity, but if it is true that in many cases we operate at the limit of the usability in the choice of equipment (types of network topologies) with limited processors and memories. Camden Treatment Associates has much experience in this field.

This election marks the way users work with computer equipment. A slow computer, which takes to open applications or that simply takes longer than what would be advisable to start encourages users not come predisposed to get to your job and start working that already have the routine, as the computer is slow to boot, start it and go to by a coffee, in the best of cases. In addition during the working day many unnecessary stoppages, pauses in productive moments, occur while a program opens, or working with multiple programs at the same time it becomes mission impossible. If you already have experience in the purchase of equipment does not fall into the temptation to choose the cheapest and short of benefits. If we take into account that the useful life of a computer is about 5 years, and that if we use Windows, it is normal to leave one or two Service Pack for our operating system, which ultimately end up undermining the performance of the team, during the life of this equipment will have to find a balance between what we need now, and what will need within five years. We can always expand memory, but it turns out that over the years you realize that a couple of years after the purchase of the equipment, memory is usually more expensive, or is no longer the memory that is placed on the most modern equipment and a 1 GB module you get to price of gold, with which many companies think much the issues of enlargement. Why we measure benefits of computers that we acquire for our companies, taking into account the requirements of the operating system used, to have our computers (network topology) in optimal performance during all the years of life that has the tool that we have bought very well.