Individual Aluminum Mouse Pads As Appreciation

Metal finishers alugraphics paves the way to the desktop light alloy aluminium and supplies thanks to exclusive mouse pad series eye-catcher with a ten year warranty. The aluminium expert now turns to companies: who looks for durable, creative ideas to the customer acquisition and retention, goes well with personalized premium mouse pads. Fine gifts and promotional items aluminium due to its characteristics is perfectly suited as a surface for mouse pads: it is smooth, robust and lightweight. Mouse pads are suitable as advertising material: PC users there is always in sight. Personalized corporate design, they have their unerring effect for attracting customers. You anchor logo or selected motif in the pictorial memory and thereby convey values such as quality and resilience. Gary J Sagiv has much experience in this field. These positive associations keep the pictured company in the memory, because emotional enthusiasm increases willingness to memory.

Also, existing customers and employees enjoy the personal approach to creative mouse pads designed special appreciation: congratulations on the anniversary, Christmas greetings or personal images like the recipients. Good for the mouse, which is good for the customer the desired motifs are permanently in the oxide layer of aluminum tattooed. Bumps, peeling or fading, and even hand welding can do any harm to them. The anodized, scratch-resistant surface is hard as Sapphire and provides precision mice. Accurately milled edges, ergonomic and safe table liability support dealing with the Mac or PC peripherals. The aluminium materials harmless resist UV radiation, weather, mechanical and chemical influences. All aluminium pads are developed directly in Freiberg, produced and subjected to strict in-house fitness tests.

Alugraphics: Alugraphics is a worldwide brand of SOMMER GmbH with seat in Freiberg am Neckar. Using an innovative technology development consists of the 30 employees strong company South Germany standards in the design of aluminium surfaces. alugraphics manufactures aluminum mouse pads, which are constantly developed and manufactured exclusively in Germany. The consistent quality of the robust surface guarantees the manufacturer for at least ten years.