In Ukraine, more than 25% of the population use the Internet. In addition to the fixed home Internet increasingly becoming a wireless connection for Internet use in the car, as well as in other places outside the home and office. In recent months, Mikkel Svane has been very successful. In Basically, the Internet, in such cases is used to view WEB-pages (browsing), read mail, much less for heavy content (video, music, online games). For use in cars is not suitable any provider of wireless Internet – just providers of mobile wireless Internet – 3G (Utel / Ukrtelecom), CDMA operators (CDMA Ukraine, MTS, Intertelecom, PeopleNET), WiMax (Intelcom, FreshTel). In the non-intensive use of the traffic, if not required high speed (for example, a mail reader), can be quite older GPRS / EDGE technologies from GSM-operators. When choosing a provider must pay attention to the following: coverage, speed, cost and modem rates. Increasingly, one ISP is not enough … 1.

What is important is whether you speed – if so, GPRS / EDGE mobile internet as the main you will not do. If the speed for you – the most important selection criterion, then, including Use the connection of local providers WiMax (for example, IntelCom or FreshTel) in your town. 2. If you plan to use the Internet in a few cities, the best you will approach the provider with national coverage, such as MTS and CDMA Ukraine. 3. If you need Internet on the go, you have to "uzhatsya" for speed and temporarily use GRPS / EDGE (modem is in almost all mobile phones).

As a result, excluding the cost of purchasing a modem and tariffs position of providers can be described roughly as follows: super-fast WiMax in the city, fast 3G/CDMA in other cities, lightweight GPRS / EDGE – on the road. For almost every mobile high-speed connection required a separate modem, costing USD 20-50 Tariff advise you to choose depending on the regularity of the mobile Internet. New in 2010 – a month unlimited calling (65 UAH). And unlimited calling for a day (from 7 UAH / day).