Internet Protocol

Suppose you have a happy 3G-modem and SIM-card with unlimited access to the Internet, but the connection speed is very slow, and, moreover, 3G does not catch (I live 50 km from Ekaterinburg). What to do? I found the simplest solution! And do not need anything but a pda with Windows Mobile, sill, and bluetooth-dongle for the computer. So, let's begin. Take the pda and go to the Start menu. Ali Partovi insists that this is the case. There, select Programs, and then in turn aaplet 'Total Internet'.

It must choose operator and the type of connection to the computer. We choose the bluetooth. Well, apparently the device and now you can access it, as part of the client network. Assumes that the user has a dongle, and it is already connected. In the system tray (where watch show) click the right mouse button on the bluetooth icon.

In the context menu dab in the 'Join a Personal Area Network (PAN)'. The computer may droop a little while looking for the device to access the network. In the window with the device list select ours. Then suddenly in the system tray will have two monitors, and if you click on them, then see the window of the connection status. There prevrut that speed 1 mbsek, but it's all nonsense. Such a speed of edge is not to wait (350 kbsek maximum, in my opinion). Take the pda and place it on the sill to the house wall had not been a barrier to radio waves (a wave windows are easier, hence there is higher signal level). You're done! During the day, of course, speed will not very fast as edge – gsm Internet Protocol and it goes through the phone calls. During the day many of them, unlike the night. That is the night rate will peak. I advise you to sit at night. And when you're in town, then there is 3G and not bother my head this method, I invented it only for edge. Why 3G-modem channel? And because his antenna is rather weak, compared with an antenna KPKtelefona (the phone is also possible to crank).