To each day, what it was certain seems to become wrong and the wrong one seems to become certain. When somebody is strengthenn to be a more docile person and human being, can itself be noticed that strangely it will start to be taxed of deserving fool or of discredit. It is in the antagonistic truth and nonsense. Frequently we perceive that the behavior to break rules and to disrespect norms is object of admiration of many people. It is perceivable in the work, employees who would be bad examples, to be ' ' seguidos' ' or copied for other employees. When the behavior instead of receiving reprovao receives admiration and still it is imitated, becomes explicit the nonsense of the inversion of values that we live deeply. If it has a televising program that it consists of observing people separately if relating and coexisting in a place, perceives that personages opt to a behavior ' ' rebelde' ' or indisciplinado to attract affection, and worse, it gets success, become the winners.

Because they had revealed ' ' maus' ' , aggressive or impetuous they had attracted affection admiration. If, indiscipline and revolt generate affection, what to think of that they prezam disciplines it and subordination? It is not the objective of this article to criticize or to condemn the admirer or the transgressor, but yes, to identify what all unconsciously are citizens to make: to menosprezar the ethical one and to enaltecer the reprovvel. In a university the distinction becomes clear that if makes between different behaviors. It has those that if dedicate to the studies, ask, participate and give attention to the lessons, in against departure, have the ones that they make the opposite accurately; frequently absent of the lessons for preferring bars, and they change groups of study for any thing that is useless and with appearance of indiscipline. .