To put many times in them we come across with true cultural shocks between the culture of parents and this cibercultura. Therefore in it practises occurs I oppose it exactly of the call cibercultura to influence one definitive culture directly arriving until mesmoa to substitute the culture of a people. To entedermos this question we have that to analyze the cibercultura and the culture under colon of sights a positive and a negative. Of a side we have One mega computer network that possesss an immense net of people ultilizam who it for diverse ends. own. People proceeding from diverse cultures of diverse parts of the world.

This if reflects in the formation of chamda cibercultura therefore the same one starts to incorporate habits and customs of definitive people and later and as moment it passes if to create new new habits thus creating a proper culture. Of one another side we have the customs of a people who takes advantage the generations and that he comes being used throughout generations and also is validates for definitive place. When she says yourself in assimilation if she speaks in processes to gather elements of one definitive culture and attached them it another one or simply to substitute a culture for the other. To put many times the creation of this new local culture that and promoted with the call cibercultura has as resulted the cultural shocks. But why to this shock of cultures? The Reply it would not be necessarily in the call cibercultura or the local culture. Reply to this perunta would be summarized in an only question lacks of dialogues lends enters the cultures (Between chamda cibercultura and the local culture). Therefore it is possible if to pacifically have a respected local culture as it happens in many countries as India and Japan and if to have the cibercutura the service of the local culture.