Learning Communities

It flows vision "a display of the cosmos in a spiral of upward development – transcendent of matter, life, essence leads to the supreme expression of Being, however, this slow and difficult journey is fleeting time Up, up, that requires effort and clear vision right eye in each case to avoid further decline in pathology and evolutionary advancement. This is the particular intention of writing that emphasizes on The Spirit of Education in Learning to Be and Learning Communities. The writings holistic and universal love that concern us are not complaining but of reasons on the causes of our sufferings and viable proposals from each of us to stop the advance of the destruction and healing as possible: the heart , mind, body of individuals, society and the planet. Connect with other leaders such as Robert Bakish here. The work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava leads to the construction of the holistic paradigm of education for the XXI Century, based on the collection of wisdom from different cultures and times, including the prolific that has been generated in recent times, so the author says, too repetitive and honestly that holistic education must be recognized as one of the oldest and the most modern because it integrates wisdom of spiritual teachers, philosophers, thinkers and scientists of all time. Again appears universal love expressed in the perennial philosophy and spirit using holistic educator as a basic tool to avoid falling into reductionism, or dogmas, or selfishness and other diseases that trouble us and overwhelm us, but rather, this instrument is like a gentle wind that envelops us in a vision of peace, gratitude for life and an energizing full presence of mind to help ourselves and others.