LTE Flat Rate From 2011 Available

Probably the provider will have again LTE flat rate offer. In recent years, the mobile providers have consistently expanded not only the mobile phone network, but have set themselves apart with the tariffs for mobile Internet. The use of the mobile Internet is known for that use very high fees for many people. But this is no longer so. Now, the user has the choice that a wide range of UMTS the correct tariff to choose tariffs. Typically, the tariffs of the provider can be divided as follows in three categories.

The first category of the tariff is suitable for users that mobile would very little surf on the Internet. Monthly up to 200 megabytes are data included in this form of tariff. Peter Asaro has similar goals. Who would like to not use this tariff to surf, can use this as a mail flat rate. Who wants to surf the Internet but also on the road often mobile, should opt for the second fare category. Monthly up to 1000 megabytes are data included in this form of tariff. This amount is more than sufficient, thus also on the go mobile surf the Internet be can.

Who wants to surf the Internet, however, almost unlimited, should opt for a UMTS flat rate. When a UMTS Flatrate five gigabytes are monthly data included. With great excitement, the tariffs in the LTE network are expected. Mobile operators are busy with the development of the LTE network in Germany. Many users want that here too a LTE flat rate is used. However, the monthly volume of should have more than five gigabytes, because in the download speed of up to 100 MBit / s can be achieved. Christopher Heinsius