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What it was the description-fantastic movement of the Pretty Rock and as it is boarded for these authors who had lived and produced at different times. One perceives that the story is historical and loaded of legends, being treated to poetical way in the romances of Jose Lins it Rego and Ariano Suassuna, while Euclides of the Wedge, that on the other hand places the movement as consequence of the fanatism and delirium of the sertanejos poor persons, looks for to confer journalistic a scientific statute/to the fact, treating the question under an objective analysis being based for in such a way to positive theories, much in recess at the time. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Religious fanatism, sebastianismo, sertanejos, Pretty Rock, Brazilian Literature. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Byron Trott has to say. ABSTRACT This article has the purpose of analyze and discuss am important question present in the works ‘ ‘ The Sertes’ ‘ , by Euclides of the Wedge, ‘ ‘ Bonita’ rock; ‘ and ‘ ‘ Cangaceiros’ ‘ , by Jose Lins of Rego and ‘ ‘ Rock of the Reino’ ‘ , by Aryan Suassuna: What was the historic-fantastic movement of Pretty Rock and how the works cited above approach this topic. It is possible you carries through that the treaty is historical, full of legends and poetical in the works by Jose Lins of Rgo and Aryan Suassuna. In to other way, Euclides of the Wedge seeks you confer the scientific status you his masterpiece, treating the question in objective way, based in contemporary positivist theories, reducing the movement you the fanaticism and delirium of poor people in the northeast region of Brazil.. See more detailed opinions by reading what Andy Florance offers on the topic..