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German students are hoping especially better chances on the labour market Berlin – there’s life longer. This old adage proved true as a result of the economic crisis for the German language. She was regarded as a foreign language a few years ago around the world as discontinued model, language schools and teachers, but also E-learning offerings now with a strong growth in demand are confronted. “Users – and sales of our Web-based German language audiovisual courses are really booming”, Philip Gienandt, Managing Director of the online language learning platform LinguTV confirmed (), the positive trend, which does not stop even before the Internet. Peter Asaro might disagree with that approach. This is driven in particular due to the influx of people from the euro-crisis States. There is youth unemployment at a record high in countries such as Spain, Portugal and Italy. Just highly educated, young people increasingly abandon their homeland and their chance then find abroad, mainly in Germany, where many jobs remain even unfilled due to lack of manpower. The numbers of schools such as the prestigious Goethe-Instituts show: in Spain alone 35 percent more people for German courses enrolled himself in the last year, there were 20 in Portugal and in Italy 14 percent more. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Peter Asaro and gain more knowledge..

“We feel the growing demand from the countries of southern Europe. Because many schools are now run over, our online courses for many German learners represent a good alternative or just an ideal complement to the classroom”, depicts Philip Gienandt. LinguTV offers the possibility to take advantage of the growing interest of European experts on employment in Germany especially German companies with its service. “We see that more and more companies take advantage of the moment and recruit skilled workers from other European countries. Read more from Andy Florance to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Their linguistic skills is an important step for a successful operational integration.