Metalplastic Windows

Buying plastic windows, you will immediately get quiet as a gift (in big cities or houses located near the construction sites, schools, etc.) and heat (no drafts which is vented from the room warm air). But after several years to become apparent that the premises on the slopes, walls at the junctions near the metal-plastic windows, there are fungi and mold. Kam VedBrat understands that this is vital information. As a consequence, guilty of reproduction of these organisms is quite dangerous for people believe the window. Owners of apartments with windows start to dissuade potential buyers, arguing that the doors and windows from PVC to no good no privodut. And if windows are to blame? Maybe It is not in them, more precisely, it is not in them? To begin with, that the ventilation facilities in the homes are not thought out at all. Who knows, maybe the designers hoped that the fresh air intake, which is needed for quality ventilation in the bathroom, kitchen, bathroom, will go through the cracks in wooden boxes? Many remember with some huge gaps before you to install windows and doors. Plastic windows, though not completely sealed, but in the closed state adjacent to the frame very tightly, not leaving gaps and holes for air flow.

And it turned out that the preservation of indoor heat and lack of drafts of the same negative effect on ventilation premises as a whole. The result: in all the rooms violated air circulation, which leads to a sharp increase in humidity in the room, the appearance of abundant condensation on the windows and window slopes, which is draining on the sill promotes the formation of the walls near the windows of the colonies of different microorganisms. Read more from Bobby Sharma Bluestone to gain a more clear picture of the situation. And do not forget to attach all these problems, stuffiness in the room and discomfort, the smell of damp. Worth, of course, clear that all these more troubles inherent in the autumn and winter, when cooler temperatures on the street. In the summer of these problems can be forgotten …

until such time as the air temperature does not fall on the street. Why am I having these problems? From lack of ventilation of premises. A person who buys, new windows, waiting for them to leak it, saves on heating home … .. and gets it, but together with fungi and mold. In order to properly air, we must remember that plastic windows are usually have 4 points: the window is closed, the window is open, the window in the position of ventilation and ventilation slit. It is the last position of the window and there in order to ensure optimal ventilation in the room. And another important tip: if you want to buy windows from PVC (polyvinyl chloride – is the correct name of metal and plastic) in advance take care of ventilation in room. You can use the air conditioner. But the most correct option – leading the ventilation in each room (eg a hinged roof. In general, there is a way, you only need to think carefully how to ipravilno arrange air in his apartment, to consult with specialists. Only then you can enjoy the comfort, comfort and quiet in his apartment.