Mexico States

More and more Mexican wealthy families use as the visa foreign investors EB-5 to secure the permission of permanent residence in the United States. as rapidly as possible. Ali Partovi: the source for more info. Many consider the EB-5 like means with which to offer to its families a new style of life and an escape to the horrible violence of the bands of delinquents, that are a threat for the security and the survival in Mexico. Visa EB-5 demands that an investment of 500.000 dollars is realised in one of the regional centers approved by the government of the United States to attract financial capital and to create jobs in the country. In exchange for the investment of 500.000 dollars, that is realised normally during a minimum period of five years, the applicants, their spouses and all smaller single woman descendants of 21 receive " they green card" (the permission of permanent residence). Passed five years they can become American citizens. Many immigrants prefer visa EB-5 to other more dangerous options like the visas E2 and L1, that force to them to acquire businesses in the United States, but do not offer the advantage to them of the permanent residence and must renew permanently. Another problem of the visas E2 and L1 is that when the descendants fulfill 21 years can be deportees to Mexico, whereas the EB-5 grants the permanent residence.

Visa EB-5 demands solely that the 500.000 dollars have been obtained legally. There are requirements no related to the education, the aptitudes or the language. Who they obtain this visa must right to live, to work, to retire or to study in the place that wishes of the United States. A considerable amount of Mexican in possession of visa EB-5 has the option to administer their businesses in Mexico and of living in the United States. The confidentiality and discretion are key subjects for the Mexicans that they ask for the visa; therefore, the election of a company of consultancy for immigrants is fundamental specialized that advises to them on visa EB-5.