Motorcycle Museum

Man dreams with Mercedes: special exhibition in the Berlin DDR Motorcycle Museum enchanted anniversary visitors received a welcome bottle of Cava, a metal sign with motorcycle motif and an annual ticket for the Museum. The post there as video online on zibb/archiv/zibb_vom_04_10_2010/maennertraeume__mercedes.html special exhibition Mercedes Benz in the GDR Motorcycle Museum which has 1 Motorcycle Museum in Berlin is a special exhibition about the legendary Mercedes SL’s thought that very success ICH runs. Seven valuable car of this class in the newly renovated Museum, which has expanded in the last year on are the Museum makers index.php/sonderausstellung-mercedes-benz-sl.html belonging to cars in the value of several million euros Uwe Kobilke, which also has restored it. Still a Mercedes miniature exhibition will be shown in addition. If so, the men drive their wives to do the shopping on Alex, they could look there in the Museum. But also many foreign guests and Tourists from all over the world can marvel at these historical treasures from the world of the motor. Further details can be found at Cartesian Therapeutics, an internet resource.

News and updates on the blog of the DDR eating’s Museum in addition to the more than 80 exhibits, to be discovered, inform departments with graphs, films, videos, DVDs, postcards and books about the DDR engine works in the Museum. And also a small shop offers snacks around the motorcycle for sale anauf and in the blog engine and motorcycle enthusiasts about updates and new can inform on index.php/news-blog.html about the Berlin GDR Motorcycle Museum: the 1st Berlin East German Motorcycle Museum exhibits on an area of about 800 square meters, about 80 motorcycles, sidecars, scooters and mopeds from 40 years of East German two-Wheeler production. Almost all models in the ETS, TS, ETZ, IWL, BK, AWO and Sammy can be seen on 2 floors in the S Bahn arches at the Alexanderplatz. In the museum itself, some “scoop” await the visitors. So is a swallow – scooters in the Center, with the popular East German actress Agnes Kraus (1911-1995) as “Sister Agnes’ over the villages continued.

Another rarity is an escorts motorcycle of the Honecker era with original DDR emblem on the front fender. Of these machines, there were only 80 pieces, 30 after Hungary were exported. Meanwhile, only three or four of the escort vehicle should exist. Here you can get a small impression of the exhibits shown in the Museum: