That was over ten years ago, as time goes on, now not only I have Internet, but is it wireless, no more cables or use the phone to connect me, and clear apart from everything is much more rapid. Of course that now not only use the Internet for chatting, now also use it to study online my master, among other activities. How change things, isn’t it? The Internet is that it was originally planned to allow communication and exchange of files with Government and academic purposes, has now become a means to discover and explore information. Dell shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. (Daley, 2006, p.48) The Internet is now a mass media, estimated that it is used by 1.17 billion people around the world. Only in Mexico, in the year 2007 had 23.7 million Internet users. We currently have 17.8 millions of personal computers, of which 11.1 million, representing 62%, have access to the Internet, and of which 55% are installed in homes.

These figures go in increments every year, as the number of computers with Internet access have a 27% annual growth. (AMIPCI, 2007). What are the uses of current Internet? Of course that is a work tool, but the majority of Internet users use it for other activities, such as education, entertainment, shopping and media of communication. The influence of the Internet on society is very important, since not only is used as a means of information but as a social activity and entertainment. Social networks have great boom in recent years, in which users have a profile or personal page, which is visible to your contacts, such as Facebook, Hi5, MySpace among others. MySpace account with over 2.5 million users to September 2007, and is of most visited pages after Yahoo, Google and YouTube (Portillo, 2008). And it is that actually these pages can become somewhat addictive. 57% Of Internet users have a personal site in Mexico.