National Plan

The professor who is part of the transmission of the knowledge, or better, the professor of superior education needs to have specific and general knowledge on the boarded subjects for it, as well as a good communication with the student staff. All these necessities are supplied with the continuity of the study and the experience in classroom. 4 the professor by means of its attributions will have to stimulate the thought critical-reflexive of the pupil, its professional formation, support for the creation of research scientific, as well as construction of the cultural identity of the learning. To have the continuity in the professional perfectioning he is necessary that chances placed to the disposal of the faculty are offered, stimulated in such a way for the universities, as well as for the Ministry of the Education, thus raising the level of education to be applied in the universities. In accordance with the official site of the MEC, the Coordination of Perfectioning of Staff of Nvel Superior (CAPES) play basic role in the expansion and consolidation of the after-graduation stricto sensu (mestrado and doutorado) in all the states of the Federacy.

In 1970, the CAPES is recognized as responsible agency for the elaboration of the National Plan of After-Graduation Stricto Sensu, in 1981, for the Decree n 86.791. She is also recognized as Executive Agency of the Ministry of the Education and Culture next to the national system of Science and Technology, fitting to it to elaborate, to evaluate, to follow and to co-ordinate relative activities to superior education. The construction of this unit of superior education will only be possible with the joint participation of the society. With the envolvement of pupils, professors and managers, the superior education will become a commitment and a conquest of all. This work comes to approach the beginning of the superior education in Brazil, as well as of the after-graduation, showing the stages and the difficulties found for all history.