Nayarit Riviera

It extended that the Secretariat of Health of Nayarit is in search of the ideal place to build the medical complex. And before this fast answer of the federal authorities, the legislator Vernal Miguel said to be surprised of the interest that the Secretary of Health showed in the request, and mainly in the amount that was authorized to crystallize this dream, since the number of the project ascends to 50 million weights. Moved and satisfied by the management, Vernal Miguel he said yesterday that entrevist to me in his office of the Congress of the State, that without a doubt the new hospital will be a significant advance for San Blas. With the development that comments of the Nayarit Riviera I believe that the hospital will be part of that development. And yes because the health clinic that exists there, not even a childbirth removes, already nor say the cases of pole of scorpion, that is many.

Kidnapped Successful the PGJ it dismantled a band of kidnappers in Santiago Ixcuintla, where the night of the past Wednesday 2 of September was plagiarized the young person Adam Alberto Acosta Aranda, of 18 years of age. After their plagiarism the relatives mobilized and reported to the authorities, that quickly mounted operative search one. Three of the five kidnappers only fell. The victim of the kidnapping (and also the relatives) lived a true nightmare; as soon as he was private of his freedom was lead on board a vehicle to a hiding place near the Novillero, where uiente had captive until the day sig, once the PEI managed to know where they maintained it hidden. The kidnappers requested by the rescue a million pesos, but the relatives only reached to join 560 thousand pesos. Personnel of the Antisecuestros Unit of the PEI, in coordination with the command of Santiago, implemented discreet an operative one, this when having knowledge from which the relatives received a call telephone where they showed to him that if wanted to see with life their son they had to take at that moment the amount of 600 thousand pesos, same that they had to deposit in a black stock market and to leave it underneath a lamina announcement against the deshuesadero that is located on the highway the Prey the Papalote.