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Cultural godparents introduce children and young people in cultural activities, 23.02.2010 – in Munich, the project of cultural godparents starts today under the patronage of the Bavarian Science Minister Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch. It aims to inspire children and young people to the rich cultural offer of the city. The idea of the project is compellingly simple: culture lovers Munich take on a cultural sponsorship for a child or a teenager and accompany them in theatre, Opera, concerts, museums, etc. Initiators of the project of cultural godparents are the Bavarian Academy of fine arts, Monika Henschel (Henschel Quartet), the circle of friends to promote the Chamber Music Association and the Rotary Club Munich English garden.

“We make the experience that the interest and enthusiasm of the children is immense in our concerts and workshops for children,” explains Monika Henschel, violist of the Henschel Quartet the impetus for establishing the cultural sponsor. “But this curiosity is under-utilised, because many parents have Reservations or simply don’t have the necessary time or money to visit cultural events with their children. At some point the train then left. “Because he will find little more access to who establishes no relationship to classical music, theatre or museums at a young age, as an adult.” The Godfather of culture to eliminate exactly this deficit. First of all the action in Munich starts, the expansion to other regions in Germany is already planned. Who wants to take on a sponsorship of culture, can log in to the Bavarian Academy of fine arts (Bianca Moldenhauer, Tel.

089 290077112,). Also families who want to give their children a cultural sponsorship, can register there. First prominent cultural godparents could already be won, including the filmmaker Sharon von Wietersheim, the Israeli pianist Yaara Valley and the singer Ingeborg Danz. About Henschel Quartet: 1994 found the three Henschel siblings Christoph (1st violin), Markus (2 fiddle) and Monika (viola), Mathias Beyer-Karlshoj the ideal of cello and play since then in the same formation. Today, the Repertoire of the Henschel includes Quartet of more than 200 works from classicism and romanticism, from the 20th century and contemporary music. The Quartet has premiered works by many contemporary composers, among others by Gunter Bialas and Manfred Trojahn. Among the recordings of the Henschel Quartet, the production received the Mendelssohn string quartets the the German critics Prize, which was a box 2006 nominated for the MIDEM award in Cannes and nominated by the MusicWeb international for the “CD of the year 2005”. in 2006 and 2007 she reached # 1 on the Japanese HMV charts. Contact: Henschel Quartet Susanne Auernhammer of Munchner str. 18 85774 Unterfohring 0176 / 12 99 12 33 press contact: wbpr Public Relations Susanne Auernhammer Munchner str. 18 85774 Unterfohring 0176 / 12 99 12 33