In this direction the values had acquired in the current days a great importance and started to be tematizao object. This relativismo which we speak above in them led not to possess safe criteria that in the light one to distinguish the good from the evil, beauty of the ugly one, the certain the wrong one, everything is relative and depends on the conception of each one. Everything this took in them to a great crisis of values. They are not more as invariant and yes before dumb at every moment as the desire of the humanity. Nietzsche it corroborates with us when it comes to affirm that absolute values do not exist. These are always product of vehemence egoistic of the individuals. One of the biggest crises that we face today in the hodiernos days is in the models and the familiar relations.

That family model was passed to we for our ancestor? which model of family who the society has today in the presented one? Being in the family the place where we acquire our values first. Our families today are in crisis, for this changeability of models that we have today. With the sped up addition of the dissolution marriage, where they start to exist new types of unions, where nor the parents not even the school is prepared to teach to the children this new present reality in the society. Ahead of this reality where the values are relative and subjective, and they are they that conduct the world, becomes necessary terms a new conformity around the values and that this in them serves of signal for terms each time plus a society pautada in the ethical and igualitrios values, thus to conquer consequently a good convivncia wants either particular or universal.