A recent research has shown that start a diet with foods of low index caloric could cause the opposite effect to that sought to start the diet: cause overweight. The researchers believe that this phenomenon is due to that the Agency interprets this reduction heat conductors in the diet, as a sign of stress on the body, and activates its physiological survival mechanisms to reduce spending caloric preserving reserves energy that possesses. Therefore it is normal that when you begin a diet feel tiredness or lack of encouragement, by the organism seeks to reduce spending caloric and a body that is at rest will have a lower caloric expenditure. The researchers checked their results in an experiment with rats that were somertidas to a low calorie diet for a period of 180 days, as a result is found a marked increase in the overweight of obesity and lingual receptors in rats rats. Scientists noticed that older rats used in the experiment do not mostly gained weight, the researchers believe that this related to the ability of rats to differentiate through receivers located in their language that enable them to differentiate those foods that have more calories and reject them. Unlike the rats more young people who had not developed this recognition mechanism of high and low calories, ate food that gatillaban food its obesity problem, in the light of these findings the researchers propose a balanced diet every four hours instead of a low calorie diet without forgetting also the important role of the cardiovascular type and anaerobic exerciseSuch a discovery could help make an effective fight against the increasingly growing problems of diabetes and obesity this interesting discovery problems is strong evidence that the diets fast are no.