Network Theory How Communication Is Established ?

better the complex operation of any computer system. I always like it when I explain something try to find a real life example of clear and simple and that anyone can rely and in this case I will use the telephone network, such that bassa pole in phone booths, in switchboards and in many other devices, wired and wireless enabling hundreds of millions of terminals to establish communication and share information around the world as a computer network that operates in many cases even through own telephone network (ADSL line). We start with an infrastructure that envuleve the world as if it were a fishing net through which establishes the exchange of information but to see some points that must be taken into account and I’ll try to do with similarities between telephone network and computer network. 1. We need a transmitter / receiver and a transmitter / receiver for communication can be established capable of translating the information to to be useful: Red and telephony: A person Computer network: A computer system, PC, server, PDA 2. We need a device capable of sending and receiving information through compatible with the TRANSMISSION and receiver / transmitter: Net telephony: phone terminal as a mobile phone or computer network: A network device as a network card, a modem or other device: 3. A means by which to communicate: Network & Telephony: Computer network cables or air: Cables or air With this we have everything in order to establish communication but.

Strike Addon

If slow internet, it is better to put 0) sv_voiceenable (1 / 0 – enables or not Use the microphone on the server. if slow internet, it is better to put 0) mp_autoteambalance (1 / 0 – indicates whether the command is automatically changed if for one of the parties is too many people) mp_friendlyfire (1 / 0 – enables / disables injure members of their team) mp_forcechasecam (0 / 2 – after the death of a player he: sees all / only the members of his team) mp_timelimit (duration of maps, usually worth 30 minutes) mp_roundtime (the duration of the round) mp_freezetime (time in the early rounds, When players can not move and shoot), there are still many other options, but for now this will suffice. Starting the server will be described here starting the server via the console, because the visual mode is strongly eats computer resources. Make a shortcut file and hlds.exe choose properties. At the end of the line target to add the line like this:-game cstrike-console-insecure-nomaster + maxplayers 10 + sv_lan a + map de_aztec Now more: -game cstrike (indicates that this cs server) -console (console mode) -insecure (valve uses its own anti-cheat vac, but it does not make sense is established by kraknutye No-Steam server, because it bans only legitimate clients) -nomaster (indicates that the server will not show up in the global database servers, we do not want us to be caught with kraknutym server) + maxplayers 10 (indicating that on server can play a maximum of 10 players) + sv_lan 1 (this line should be mandatory, unless the server is not intended for legitimate clients) + map de_aztec (indicate which card will be loaded first, after starting the server) Installation amxx to all function properly, you need to download two files – amx Mod X Base and Counter-Strike Addon.

Manual For A Wifi Correct

This is a brief explanation of the different types of wireless antennas on the market that at least the most used. To guide a wifi antenna to a router within a home network, but extrapolated to any other wireless link setup using the program Netstumbler. This program is and can be downloaded from the Internet. The most frequent reasons for using this program, among others, are these: Be used for the creation of a map of wireless coverage within our own house in order to locate the wireless router or take advantage of external signal, we know where we can sit with your laptop or desktop computer on another site, for proper data transmission. external, if that is the case of not having enough signal. This basically occurs when the access point or router is in another section of the building, another building or is a free signal and the distance or obstacles the signal arrives poorly. Depending on the facilities in which fence to be installed antenna, we have to choose your type.

Here comes the need to explain the different types of wireless antennas on the market, some directional and others not, for the correct choice: Onnidireccional. This antenna as its name implies, captures and emits signals in all directions. Depending on his or her placement, vertical or horizontal, and travel signals will be received differently. It need not be oriented. Sector. This type of antenna covers a specific sector, which tends to be oriented. The amplitudes of the reception varies depending on the antenna used, although more or less often walk 30. It has more range than the antenna onnidireccional, but being more directional everything that falls outside the 30, opening angle, is capable of being received almost surely.

Directional. They are fully directional antennas, necessitating a focus on highly accurate receiver. The opening angle is very small and critical, for these antennas to be necessary to use a program like Netstumbler for the correct orientation. The types of these antennas are frequently used dishes, yagui, spiral, etc … For safe installation are used to support different kinds, which can be purchased or. Based on our facility, our environment, the location from which the signal is broadcast to which you want to connect, choose one or another type of antenna. As always advisable to use Netstumbler program for the correct configuration of our network. In our page, "wireless home projects," you can find more information about this topic, as well as other issues related to wireless networks. A greeting.


The article is ready, it's time search area, where its place. Open any search engine and simply enter the topic of your article. From the resulting list, start to view all sites devoted to this issue. Here it should be noted that the exceptions not in our interests. Pay attention to the enormous cyber-portals, and in fairly good , and in a simple page.

Who knows, maybe you get lucky, and you are invited to write articles for some internet giant. So, at each site looking for the section "Required authors, if one does not, then" Contact Us "or something like that. We find that we are interested in e-mails and copy them into specially created for this document. The resulting list make out in this form: E-mail address, site name and the name of the responsible person (to whom you direct access). Then compose a letter of greeting, which reveal his request for authorship. Example: " Hello respected editorial team! I would really like to become one of your authors. To view send you my test article "Write as little about yourself, why did you decide to become an author, at what level you versed in this matter and the like. Everything.

Now send this letter with the attached article on the previously list. And waiting for an answer. From my own experience I say: you will answer about half of the respondents, many politely refuse, some will offer a trial period (read – to work for free), and only a few answers (at best) will contain an invitation to cooperate. Here is where the need to act. Write a new article, discuss the fee and go. The main thing to start, and then everything goes like clockwork. Their very first money I earned on the Internet that way. Select theme – computer games, because they at the time I spent most of his time. Wrote two test articles and sent them all over gaming sites. One suggested posotrudnichat. Since then, I periodically send their latest announcements and notices, and return to my regularly-purse WebMoney came a pretty good amount. So I have amassed their starting capital. And what to do with the startup capital, and where to invest? Then answer a great many

Project Supervision

The property originally consisted of monitoring the human skill of keeping an. Here, the advancing technology has taken hold. So it is no longer unusual that suspects using video surveillance, chemical traps thieves or technical positioning, as will be recognized, for example of cars. The control of objects by means of video surveillance is not only in outdoor areas. Even in the areas of treasury operations and throughout the store video surveillance is used here because it always comes to theft.

It is often even their own employees who engage in the fund, but that can not easily be proved. Latest micro-cameras with a lens aperture of only 1 mm can do a valuable service. They can easily be hidden in and connected to a long-term recorder. This is done via cable, wireless or a network camera. A time limit when recording, as it had done previously, no longer exists by the use of digital technology because the digital Storage capacity is greater. This then also a multi-day admission is possible. So that the videos do not have to be checked in real time, these cameras are switched on by motion sensors or timer on alarm inputs.

Thus, only recorded when someone is moving or at a certain time (eg clock shop 9.00 bis 18.00 clock). This facilitates the subsequent evaluation of the individual bands clearly. The monitoring object is in today’s time with the ever increasing number of thefts or burglaries and vandalism is an extremely important factor to protect his own life and / or personal items. Therefore, one can in any police station magazines or brochures are in which security technology for the physical protection is applied.

Production Association

In accordance with the appointment, in every system there are two basic frequencies – L1 (Standard definition) and L2 (high precision). For navstar L1 = 1575,42 MHz and L2 = 1227,6 MHz. In glohass uses frequency separation of signals, ie, each satellite operates at its own frequency and, accordingly, L1 is in the range from 1602.56 to 1615.5 MHz and L2 from 1246.43 to 1256.53. Signal in the L1 is available to all users, the signal in the L2 – only the military (ie, can not be decrypted without the express private key). Each satellite system, in addition to basic information, reports and supporting, necessary for continuous operation receiving equipment. This category includes a complete anthology of all the satellite constellation, the transmitted sequence in a few minutes.

Thus, the start of the reception device can be fast enough if it contains the actual almanac (about 1 minute) – this is called "warm start", but may take up to 15 minutes, if the receiver has to receive a full almanac – Sc. "Cold Start. The need for a "cold start" usually occurs when you first turn on the receiver, or if he has not been used. On the differences between systems, said on 22/6/2007 Internet briefing the press service of the Federal Space Agency Director General – Designer General, Research and Production Association of Applied Mechanics (NPO pm, , Krasnoyarsk Territory) Nicholas Testoedov. Nicholas Testoedov: 'Comparison of systems that designed around the same time – in 80 years of the last century shows that they are close to destination, output characteristics, the potential accuracy of the location, structure, logic operation and management.

Mobile Marketing – Tips And Tricks For SMS Mass Mailing

Among Mobile Marketing is generally used advertising through wireless telecommunications and portable wireless devices with the aim of persons by means of direct transmission of information on a specific behavior to keep up. SMS advertising is a special measure in the field of mobile marketing to inform customers and prospective customers via the medium of SMS on products and services of a particular company. Sounds interesting? The correct way to use it to come: a company, a customer list, an SMS provider Dispatch: type text, send, done. An SMS message with efficiency? Hardly. Like any marketing activity should also be prepared according to SMS marketing. * Collect mobile numbers: deposit them on its website a script with which to register customers and prospects for information transmission via SMS can.

Or do they offer their customers free SMS: Every new customer who signs up for the Free SMS Tool agrees to receive occasional information from them via SMS. Customer details * note: Deposit them in their SMS Dispatch program information to their customers, for customers to event organizers, for example, information such as rock or hip hop. These can be summarized easily using this information to a group and as targeted send. Alternative criteria for group creation include gender, age, or zip code. * Targeted campaigns: The event organizer is now a rock night Friday, Saturday an event for young people 15-18 years. He now sends all its customers both SMS, this action does not only money but also guests who are not interested in these events can be annoyed and unsubscribe with the time of its news service. Send campaigns target group takes over next to the cost savings as well as the customer, because only satisfied contacts remain long-standing contacts. Send them their event info by means of the information field Rock and age restriction 15-18 years, so they meet exactly their target audience. More Tips and tricks for sending SMS in mobile marketing, they can always read about in the forum of SMSCreator to see / forum.

European Union

In fact, Czechs are killing two birds with innovations of the right hand they are actively fighting to emigration, limiting to the entry of foreigners from third countries and emigrants already have status in the Czech Republic is not willing to pay taxes, and his left hand to collect taxes from those who begins to pay. For the European Union, they (the Czechs) look beautiful, fulfilling all the points of agreements on the European Convention. In recent years, hundreds of Czech companies owned by foreign nationals under the control of foreign and professional police of the Czech Republic, checks the address on which are written the company and the reality of finding the address of the firm, the firm's management and office. Address of the firm at the moment for foreigners is very important, as indeed, the personal address of registration in Czech Republic! Educated foreigners who own businesses in the Czech Republic, understands the responsibility and full legal relationship of the firm and its status with a residence permit use of accountants or a firm of economists who provide support for entities in the Czech Republic. Since 2010, reporting on law firms, the Czech Republic can be submitted to tax authorities in three ways. Through the system Datov shranok (electronically), is sent over mail and supply directly to the tax. During the year the company carried out checks, call the tax office, the social department or insurance company, an alien must understand that in this case, you need to do all quickly and accurately, providing the necessary information and met with government authorities Czech personally founders of the firm or their representatives with power of attorney.

From Mobile Phone Bugged

Your Cell phone use can be bugged. Many unsuspecting mobile phone users had not even considered the possibility, but apparently it is possible to make software for investigators and experts easily from one phone into a bug. After the Mirror had reported already about the possibility to use a phone as a bug, says image of eavesdropping attack. But what’s behind it – how is it possible to re-purpose a mobile phone unnoticed bug? First, by a special software to install on the phone. This software “Flexispy is installed by inserting a memory card into the phone. It must reach the cell phone only briefly in the hands of the spy.

The installation of the Bluetooth wireless standard to be possible. The program costs about 100 , the application is punishable by imprisonment and can be up to three years or a fine of. But what is the punishment of individuals, is applied by the judiciary to combat crime. In this program the phone to the police about it unnoticed by the actual owner as Bug can be used. It makes no difference whether it is a contract – or a prepaid phone. In general, all cell phones for this approach are relatively fragile and unprotected. Although the manufacturers assert time and again that it is not technically feasible or would the user know about it, but the practice proves otherwise. A general uncertainty could lead to the booming mobile phone market in financial losses.

According to a report to run several levels of inquiry, for which this technique is used. In America, this method is even a mafia boss were to be brought down. Although he had always taken in places that were previously tested for their safety were – but he always had his cell phone and was able to be transferred unnoticed. The user remembers nothing of it. Even if he turns off the phone, it can be manipulated so that while the display goes off. About the exact methods the investigators be aware, however, nothing. There are only two secure methods against the ‘Great Eavesdropping attack to defend. ” You can either take the battery from the phone or buy a Jammer, which may be banned.

The Bat

When rebranding had been very complicated to be transferred as Outlook and then synchronized with the new software on the old software data. Equally complicated is the comparison on the memory card. If this differs, but also with the new phone also has to be worked awkward with a card reader. The ever-increasing data volume and importance it is advisable to secure the data regularly on the PC. Mobile Master is a mobile phone management program for Windows. It synchronizes with a few mouse clicks all Contact and calendar data from mobile phone to the PC and supports the connection via cable, infrared and Bluetooth. The program synchronizes with Lotus Notes, Palm Desktop, Thunderbird, Outlook, Novell, Endora, The Bat, Outlook Express and other email clients with numerous options and filters, far more than the manufacturer of the equipment supplied tools.

The mobile data will be processed by the Mobile Master the so-called off-line mode, not even with a connected mobile phone. At the next synchronization process, the changes are applied automatically by the phone. Continue to move, copy or delete any of the built-in file manager in the software files on the phone. Important because multiple profiles can be managed, even one application of several mobile phones simultaneously. With a file browser, the user has access to the contents of your phone can copy and synchronize data between your phone and PC or. – The units are searched independently and found reliable. The important thing with Mobile Master, the data of multiple users Mobile phones from different manufacturers manage a user interface. As devices including Apple iPod, and almost all popular mobile phones from Nokia, Siemens, LG, Samsung, Sony-Ericcson, Motorola, etc.

are supported. Bundling is the ideal product for the mobile user is mobile kit. Mobile Radio charger kit includes the patented Mobil-Pit and the ultimate software tool Mobile Master. Mobil-Pit is the ideal storage with loading facilities for your phone. Now you always know where to find phone and charger. Mobile Pit fits all common mobile phones and their original plug-in chargers. The phone is always clean and tidy at the same place. With Mobile Pit your phone is always charged and ready, even while charging, the display provides an ideal angle for reading.