Paneled Doors

They cost is expensive and very expensive, between $ 700 and up to tens of thousands. Here we look at the door, and mass produced at competitive prices. Are not durable, paneled doors, made of soft wood, such as pine. It is soft, and some lacquer it is not defended itself and will remain. Realistically, it can last for many decades, but not under the varnish, but under the opaque paint, which should be with periodically repeated. In the modern sense of a durable product – a product that can be used for a long time without repairs or upgrades.

Such as old-style windows also serve long. But from time to time they had to podstrugivat and every 2 – 3 years of painting. Nothing of the kind of plastic will not do, they should serve long, because qualitatively made. Longevity for the door: – Resistance surface (not just the leaf, but the entire complex: the door frame, casing, decorative glass, seals). The surface hardness and quality of paint (other finishing material) should provide immutability of appearance for more than 10 years, given that the product is exposed during the life of minor bumps, cleaning, exhibiting, sunlight, in contact with them a variety of household substances.

– Quality gluing a decorative surface. This artificial decorative materials or more expensive – natural veneer. Depends on the chosen technology, how it adheres to the manufacturer and the quality adhesives. Normally, if this period is not less than 50 years. Measure the purchase is not possible.