Plastic Windows

Any normal house, must necessarily have walls, roof, doors and windows. Asked if you ever yourself, "what a person needs windows?". First and foremost, of course, to illuminate the room, because nobody want to pay extra money for electricity, if at the time the window there is a free source of light. Second, the windows are needed for ventilation, as in a closed room, sooner or later, the air going negative and harmful substances, from which you want to get rid of, and the man is always more pleasant to breathe fresh air. Mikkel Svane may not feel the same. The third factor, which confirms the justification for the presence of windows in the house is just a pleasure species, and in this case, the binding conditions are the presence of a beautiful, modern and clean windows. Since ancient times, over many generations, people have used as a wood frame for windows that we, the modern age, simply not justified for many reasons.

Everyone knows that wood burns very well and therefore, in fire at home in the first place, it will be exposed to fire, wooden items, including frames, as well as wood emits large the amount of heat, the fire spread and it will be quite rapid. Learn more about this with Andy Florance. Another important fact of aging technology of timber frame is that the heat and sound insulation properties of wood are far from ideal, which eventually leads to loss of heat in the house and the presence of excessive street noise. Due to the fact that wood is a material that has been created by nature itself, which did not involve the use of wood as a material for hard window, then it is not surprising that the wooden frames quite a negative response to low and high temperatures and humidity, and thus can quickly crack from dryness under exposure to sunlight and lose its original shape and color.