Playstation 3 – New Console?

The Playstation 3 is, of course, again the standard by which to measure every other console can be, and so comes the latest version of the Power Console from Sony, with some innovations to the market, their competition out of the house Nintendo and Microsoft xBox to urge the second member. But the processor that drives the console, like a sports car is a V12, the PS3 with 3.2 he prepared clocking, 256 MB of GDDR VRAM and 512MB cache on all the game requirements perfectly. Unlike all its competitors, the PS3 is not only sometimes twice as powerful, but should also be fully backwards compatible with the other models. Old games on new console – which promises double the fun. The Playstation of the third generation combines not only the highest of fun with a wealth of opportunities outside of the games, this is special time, therefore, with a Blu-ray drive.

The successor of the DVD sets in terms of graphics and high resolution image content absolute standards, and leads every owner of a PS3 in the future, a future that this console is not only fair, but they just shape it. In addition to this top drive can read the Playstation 3, a memory. These include memory sticks, whether standard or Duo, or even Pro, Compact Flash cards and SD cards in two formats on the market. The PlayStation 3 is wireless capable, has connections for USB 2.0 and Ethernet interfaces, and it just times three. In an existing home network can integrate the new console perfectly and easily. This console offers not just a performance, so they can look like any other console and every standard PC like a lame snail, but it provides for all technical comfort even the latest video and sound standard and an incredible game variety, also because all the old games on the new super-console work properly. A real comparison to what other like device in this segment of the consumer is not to draw current, because all the PS3 consoles are lagging behind and the Multifunction devices, such as a PC can not really keep pace with the development of the game is just a fact. The PS3 will set new standards.