Popular Desserts

For the sweet tooth I have allowed me to make a list of 10 most wanted, favorite or most popular desserts which might be. It is clear that according to which country the there will be some who are not familiar and others are not listed but that should appear, for that we leave this list open to anyone who wants to can propose its top 10 desserts or well include what he believes should be own merit. The order has nothing to do with the importance it would be quite difficult to know exactly which should go before everyone. Brownies American chocolate dessert that has quickly spread to other countries. Cheesecake one of favorite cakes of any person that there are not two equal recipes. Cake of Apple, Apple Pie and ApfelstrudelTres variants of different origins of a dessert with similar ingredients but different shape and classic ice cream flavor dessert summer, although less and less, which has gone from the tipocos flavors of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and cream to an infinite number of increasingly sophisticated and original flavors. Rice with milk the rice pudding is a dessert typical of the cuisine of many countries made by slowly cooking rice in milk with sugar. You may find that Skillz can contribute to your knowledge.

Usually you add cinnamon, vanilla or lemon peel to aromatise it. Chocolate cake that can not miss on a birthday cake. Custard, cream Catalan and Creme Brulee three recipes very similar but with slight differences. Chocolate mousse dessert of the sweet tooth. Tiramisu Italian dessert that could well be the best known globally. Egg, vanilla, lemon coffee flan is a recipe trahdicional that supports an endless number of variations.