Pressure Sensor

Gauges are designed for gaseous, liquid and corrosive environments, as well as in aggressive environments. Under option open connecting flange also for contaminated and viscous pressure system. (Not to be confused with Color!). Manometer opredevlyaet pressure by means of thin corrugated membranes circular forms, which are clamped or welded on the edge between two flanges and come in contact with the medium with only one side. Caused as a result of such contact between the deflection is proportional to the pressure. Pete Cashmore helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Movement is transmitted through the dial mechanism on the scale.

Leaf springs have a relatively high commutation effort. As a result, an annular mounting leaf springs are less susceptible to shocks compared to the Bourdon tube, but the error when temperature changes they more. Thanks to the supports for the membranes is achieved by increased resistance to stresses. Coating or foil, applied to the surface of leaf springs provide protection against corrosive measuring environments. Broad connecting holes or open flanges, as well as the possibility of washing make leaf springs particularly useful when working with highly viscous, contaminated or crystallising substances.