Private Health Insurance

Officials need private health insurance private health insurance – also for officials, but what has to be observed? Officials, candidates and even trainees must also ensure private, because they do not legally assured. But at a private insurance scheme for civil servants, there is to much respect, so the officer has more advantage from his insurance. Only on 02.10.2009, the extraordinary right of termination was changed when they surrounded a contender fare to a full fare. This special right helps the officer in the case may terminate his current private health insurance, so that he can make a new from a different insurance company. So far, it was the case that the officials had to stay from his insurance company, to halt the contract expires. But the official is relieved financially by this provision.

Also, the opening clause for civil servants in the selection of the private health insurance should be noted, which was launched on the 01.01.1987 in life. By the opening clause officials with pre-existing conditions can no longer by the health insurance fund be rejected. Before the insurance company could refuse an official with diseases and therefore had to find a health insurance these problems. Furthermore, up to 30 percent risk premium can calculate the insurance if the officer has a disease. Officials can request also a contribution refund. You can apply for these, if the officer has no disease cost accounting for a certain time to get monthly payments depending on the back. While it is advisable to calculate the cost of illness, to find out whether it would be for cheaper, if you paid the medical expenses out of pocket, so you can get back more money from the monthly contributions as a civil servant. There is also still the aid that should be noted.

If a civil servant is sick or wants to take medical treatment, then he can get refunded per cent of costs through the aid of 50 to 80. In which part of the medical services will be reimbursed or how much exactly is applied, is the aid regulation of the health insurance regulated. Therefore, you should respect before private insurance for civil servants to get the best benefits for themselves. A good advice rarely is there so own research and repeatedly putting together with the consultant are preconditions, in order to find the best private health insurance. You can perform also in the Internet insurance comparisons, which are usually free of charge and without obligation, to advance even an overview of the various insurance companies.